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Cecile Albi

Cecile Albi

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cecile spent much of her youth exploring the forests, riverbanks and the lakeside shorelines. In doing so she gained an appreciation of nature’s rhythm and colour. Cecile obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Red River College. She worked over 20 years in Calgary practicing graphic design. Her long-time love for fine art led her out of the graphic design world and into fine art painting. Three years ago Cecile established her studio at cSPACE King Edward and has since gained a strong following for her unique style.


Cecile’s work is on display at her cSPACE studio where she frequently hosts art shows presenting her latest work. She has been a feature artist the 
past three years at the Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase and will be returning in 2021.


Natures rhythmic fractal patterning appears in a snowflake, in a leaf and in the wings of a dragon fly. These building blocks of nature repeat themselves over, and over again, to create the whole. The human brain recognizes and responds to these repeating patterns.

Cecile’s impressionistic style combines this fractal patterning with the refraction of light, creating colour and movement. Her abstract rendering of this natural process she calls ‘refractionism’; it challenges and stimulates the viewer’s appreciation for nature’s rhythm. 

The abstracted impressionism presents nature’s colours in foliage, landscapes, water and sky. Some realism finds its way out of the abstract creating a true-life image. My display at “Carbon Point” will provide the viewers an inquisitive wonderment of nature’s patterning and, I hope, a connection with my unique style.

Runaway Love.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 54"

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